Monday, March 2, 2015

We have made it to 24 weeks!

Today is our official "aging up" day. Penelope is now 24 weeks. How much she weighs will determine her exact increase in chances of survival, but on average, babies born this week have a 59% chance of survival. It may sound low, but I like to think anything over 50% is awesome.

I had 12 visitors on Saturday! My coworkers and family brought me lots of goodies and my hubby cleaned out my son's work folder at school so I have some lovely artwork to brighten my blue and white room.

This is an older picture of my son's first visit to me on Tuesday. After his initial hesitation, he decided he likes my "rocket bed" with all the buttons.

I took a picture of my breakfast singing the praises of my veggie cheese omelet, but was quickly disappointed by dinner last night. Pulled pork tacos = beef jerky. Haha.

I appreciate all the snacks everyone brings, but I am concerned with getting nutritious food in me first because I need good protein to help Miss P. gain weight. Also, pooping is a huge concern when you are bed ridden. Nothing moves like it is supposed to anymore!
I am also more conscious of what kind of chemicals might hurt her development. The cafeteria allows me to order bacon, etc, but nitrates are not encouraged in preggos. Also, there is NOTHING I would rather have right now for the next 11 weeks than a cold turkey sandwich from Jersey Mike's, but lunch meat has a high risk for listeria. Since we are trying to avoid infections, I think this is probably something I will have to wait on :(

Planning on talking to the doc today about bedrest exercises. The on-call doc yesterday made it clear the chances of me graduating to home bedrest were slim, but again, how tempting it would be to help out around the house if I were there! I did get the IV line out of my hand yesterday, so that was awesome. Hours of entertainment trying to get the sticky tape residue off now...

I am trying to remain upbeat, and I don't want to be a debbie downer, but there are some things that I am trying to deal with unemotionally right now.  If I get business out of the way now, it might be easier to feel what needs to be felt later.

Trying not to end on a sad note, so I'll end with this:

Thank you, friends, family, and total strangers on the internet for your cheers! We love you all and feel so loved.

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  1. Woop, woop! 24 weeks! Love that you've hung your sons artwork in your room!