Monday, March 23, 2015

4 weeks down...

Well, we made it to 27 weeks! Our short term goal is 28 weeks, so YAY! We are nearly there!

We weren't sure if we would made it this far. Thursday we had another incident that got me sent down to a delivery room again. I was having pretty regular contractions again, and they weren't sure they could stop it with a tocolytic (medicine that has a side effect of stopping contractions, but is not prescribed for that). This all happened around 4pm. At 5pm the nurse started moving me to go down to delivery and said "Call your husband!" My husband was in the middle of a faculty meeting, going over protocols for state testing, so he didn't get my texts or calls. So, I had to text a coworker to get up and interrupt him to leave. The funny thing is, he thought he only had 2 slides left, but she knew he still had 11 slides, so he didn't leave. At that point my coworker panicked and grabbed another administrator to get him to move.

Luckily, by 6pm, when hubby got there, it didn't seem like anything was going to happen. However, I had to remain hooked up to the monitors and could not eat until they were totally sure I wasn't going to need anesthesia to go get a C-section, since Penny is still breech. I finally got to eat at 11pm, and had the best crappy turkey & american cheese sandwich ever.

Friday morning I was tired and did not feel right. They were going to let me go back to my room, which is a good sign, but I still just felt "off." I was sure this was the maternal instinct kicking in to say my pregnancy would not last much longer. Let's just say some sleep and some tummy troubles going away made my outlook better on Saturday.

Again, good things come from these crazy incidents. I got an early ultrasound. My fluid levels went up again, and miss Penny gained weight! She went up from 650g on 3/10, to 840g on Friday! This is awesome! Penny is now in a higher weight range, which puts her at 93.5% survival rate for 27 weeks. YAY!

In other news, I finally figured out what this girl is doing when she shows how to make a crocheted baby hat. Bad news, my hat was way too small for a coworker who gave birth in my hospital this weekend. Haha. More good news, now I have reasons to make more hats!


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