Wednesday, April 22, 2015

31 weeks

Well, here we are! We have officially scheduled the C-section (still breech!) for 34 weeks. Only 3 weeks left! The ease of counting down also means I am getting way more antsy.

I am ready to meet this little troublemaker (seriously considering naming her Ass-kicker like The Walking Dead), but I am also so ready to get out of here and go home to be with my family.

Last week was the hardest week since we found out 8 weeks ago that my water broke and we might lose our little girl. Our 2.5 year old had clearly had it with the situation and threw a tantrum that shocked his teachers at his preschool and us. I am so lucky that my husband puts visiting me as the highest priority. I am also lucky to live in a city where hospitals are abundant and less than an hour from our house. I see them every night for dinner and weekends for a little longer. But this frequently means that he is spending more time in the car driving here than playing with his toys and hanging out at home, which he asks to do often. We also didn't want to change his routine much, so he continues attending school. To help him cope a little better, Grandma has offered to take him for a day in the middle of the week so he can have a little break. Grandmas are the best!

To top off the emotional turmoil surrounding our little boy, the day after his outburst, my husband got into an accident with his new truck. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it was a very frustrating situation. On top of this, when he finally got home, he found that our water heater was leaking and needed to be replaced. Because his truck was no longer working, he did not have the option to buy a new one and replace it himself. This is where asking and accepting help comes in! We had many people offer to help, and one friend with a truck and hubby was actually going to turn down the offer! He ended up doing the job for $1,000 less than we would have been charged by a plumbing company.

Things are calming down a little, but this time of year is stressful for hubby's job, so we are trying to mentally prepare for our little girl to arrive.

For whatever reason, all the resources I have been studying on preemies suggest that the weight a preemie can thrive best at is over 1,500g. Yesterday, Penny was estimated to be at 1,445g or 3lb, 3oz! Yay!

Her weight, plus her head circumference and femur length shows that she is measuring a week behind her gestational age. This just means she is a little smaller than expected. Her brother was, too (born at 39 weeks, 6lb 12oz), so we are not really concerned. My doctor offered to let me go an extra week before delivering her, but we are concerned with her birthday landing on her brother's birthday. And, let's face it, I don't know if I can make it much longer! So, we are sticking with our original delivery date.

Three more weeks! Let's do this!


  1. Hi, I found your blog via baby center. I'm almost 28 weeks and on hospital bed rest. Can I private message you on baby center? I lost your screen name but I'm Grapey2015. Or my email is jennifer.shepherd.cos at gmail. It helps to talk to others who are going through this. It's been very hard.

    1. HI Jennifer, I am also on hospital bedrest. Open to penpals. I turn 25 weeks tomorrow, I am day 4 of 70 days (we hope).