Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Early Childhood Intervention

While we have been really lucky so far with Penny's development, her rough birth qualifies her to be followed by a physical therapist just to be sure she continues hitting her milestones.
October:Tummy time with
the big cloth diaper booty.

We were recommended in the NICU to continue seeing Penny's speech, occupational and physical therapists from the hospital. This would require routine drives across town and copays. Here in San Antonio, we have an Early Childhood Intervention group that not only tries to help you keep your monthly payments low (which helps if you needed WIC or Medicaid to supplement your health insurance), but they also come to your house or daycare to work with your child.

Like I said, Penny has been hitting her milestones well for her adjusted age. But, because we qualify, we are keeping physical and speech therapy until we are sure she is in the clear. They can see kids until they are school age and then they can refer them to their local school district's services.

I cannot praise our local ECI group enough, they work with the parents to show you what to do with your baby when they aren't there. I feel like this really helps us make progress, instead of just depending on the therapist to do all the work once a week or month.


  1. I hope guys are well and that Penny continues to meet her milestones for her adjusted age!!

  2. I'm so glad everything is going well! I saw your original post in a FB mommy group and had been following your blog but forgot to check after it wasn't updated anymore. Congratulations! She is beautiful!