Friday, September 7, 2012

Fit of different brands of baby clothes

I was so blessed to have not just one, but 4 baby showers before my son was born. My family, my husband's family, and both of our coworkers thought it was very necessary to eat cake and play games in celebration of our little guy. Needless to say, this led to us being inundated with baby clothes. To date, we have not bought our 3.5 month old any clothing. Like I said, we are very blessed with many friends and family who love us!

What I wish I had known ahead of time is that not all brands run the same size (just like "real" people clothes!) So, after my son grows out of a category of clothes, I put them in labeled bags and throw them in a plastic storage bin for the next kiddo.
I have made a list of which brands seemed to run "true to size," but keep in mind that my son is along the 25% for height and weight (he was born 6lb, 12oz, 19in, he is now 3.5mon and 13lb, 24in).
*Note, with this list I am talking about short-sleeve onesies only. T-shirts and shorts/pants seem to be very hit or miss (and shorts/pants seem to depend largely on the fullness of the diaper or tummy!)

Brands that I feel run true to size:
-Faded Glory (I believe you can find this at WalMart)
-Carter's (Kohl's and Target carry this brand)
-My First Years (for the life of me I cannot find where people bought these!)
-Baby/Children's Place
-Baby B'Gosh (apparently, Carter's makes this now too!)

Bigger than what they advertise:
- Circo (Target has this brand) seems to be the largest brand so far, being both wide and long (he is in 3-6mon clothes for all the other brands but some of the 3mon Circos still are too big!)
-Okie Dokie (JCPenney carries these) runs great in length, ridiculously wide on my slim guy! Chunkier, short babies would probably fit well into this brand.
-Precious Firsts (Carter's makes this, so can be found where they are sold) runs skinny but longer than Just One You and Carter's. My son wore this after Just One You but before he could fit into Carter's (again, he is long and skinny now, so that seems to be the order we wore them in.)
-Starting Out (sold at Dillard's) This brand was true to length for my son, but very wide

Run a little small (too short, or too skinny):
-Just One You (Carter's makes this, so can be found where they are sold) runs skinny and short, these were the only onesies my son fit in without swimming in it for the first month.
-Gerber (can be found almost anywhere baby clothes are sold) Only used the white onesies, and they were great for the first 2 months when practically everything else was huge on him
-Baby Gap

I hope this list helps! If I come across any new brands that I haven't listed yet, I'll add to it. Remember: souvenir baby clothes almost never run true to size. My parents went to the beach in New Jersey when my son was only a month old and returned with a cute onesie that said "Lifeguard" on it. They had bought a size "6-9 months." It was way too short for him! I am thinking since most souvenir shops are run by families, they probably just look for the cheapest place to get these things and they are probably outsourced from other countries where they are made cheaply and the sizing is inconsistent.

New/expectant parents: Placing the clothes on Mom's belly at the baby shower is not quite as accurate as you might think. Although, since my guy was small, everything really was too big for him!
Do you have any tips for expectant parents on how to determine brands/sizing for their new baby? Please share any advice you have!

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